Distance Reiki on Zoom

 What better gift to give to yourself and your loved ones;

The gift of healing body, mind and spirit

If you are interested in knowing more about Distance Reiki, please call or email me.

Distance Reiki on Zoom:   $30

     30 minutes


Distance Reiki Package:    $65

    Three 30 minute sessions on Zoom   

Contact Cheryl @ 720.708.8264 to set up dates and times. 

Payment can be made via Venmo, Square, and PayPal


“I was having extreme pain in my upper thighs making it hard for me to move my legs.  I did an online Reiki session with Cheryl.  Her voice was very soothing and she has sweet music playing in the background.  I could feel healing energy come into my legs and afterwards, much of the pain subsided.  I would highly recommend a session with Cheryl to heal any hurts you have or to clear energy and have a soothing energy bath.”  CH Oct 2020

”It was one of the most powerful Reiki sessions I have had. You have such a calming voice and presence, it was so easy to attune to a relaxed state. You did a wonderful job of explaining what to expect and this time was for me. I loved that you called on my spirit team and said that prayer/ invocation. Pretty early on, I started seeing different colors which for me is a sign of deep relaxation and connection to the Divine/ Love/ Light/ God. I could feel my head, hands and feet get an intense tingling. I could also feel/ sense when you were giving reiki to certain sides or at least that is where the healing energy went- so cool. It was such a needed gift to give myself this time of healing and self care. You truly are gifted Cheryl- as a reiki practitioner, holding space, facilitating this beautiful healing modality and I am so looking forward to our next session together! YAY! “ 

KF Nov 2020


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